Conservative Community Servant, for Tulsa County.

  • Preserve public safety
  • Protect the taxpayer
  • Prioritize the core functions of government

From Jeannie

“As a City Councilor, I’m guided by conservative values that empower individuals over government: strong support for public safety, integrity, fiscal responsibility and a focus on the basic functions of government. I’m not running for me. I’m running to invest in the lives of our neighbors and provide a strong voice for Tulsa County families.”

– City Councilor Jeannie Cue

Meet Jeannie

Jeannie Cue grew up on the southwest side of Tulsa and attended Tulsa Public Schools before becoming a nurse.

Tulsa County is blessed with conservative leadership that prioritizes the basics, including preserving public safety, protecting the taxpayer and prioritizing better roads and infrastructure.

As a lifelong community servant, Jeannie helps our community the conservative way – by investing her time in nonprofits throughout Tulsa County.

Jeannie is a loving wife of 51 years to Thomas Cue. Together, they have raised three sons and are proud grandparents to five grandchildren. Jeannie’s commitment to her family and her community shines through in everything she does.


Jeannie Cue

Tulsa County Commissioner

Jeannie Cue’s Mission


  • Preserve Public Safety: Throughout America, public safety is under assault. As a city council member, Jeannie will always back the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our community.
  • Protect the taxpayer: As a fiscal conservative, Jeannie will responsibly ensure our tax dollars are spent wisely and focus on the core functions of government. She will oppose new taxes and fees.
  • Prioritize the core functions of government: Government should serve us, not the other way around. Jeannie will focus on the core function of government including better infrastructure and public safety and oppose growing government.


Jeannie has actively engaged in our community, supporting a litany of organizations for more than 40 years.

Jeannie’s steadfast commitment to the Tulsa community ranges from involvement in the PTA while her sons attended Tulsa Public Schools to her current role as a member of Trinity Baptist Church. 

  • Advisor of the Route 66 Village & Station
  • 4 years on sales tax overview committee
  • 3 years vice-chair of STOC
  • Founding member of Red Fork Main Street
  • Founder of Chandler Park Lights on the Hill
  • Board member of Chandler Park Partners
  • Founder of the Route 66 Carnival
  • Volunteer at Robertson Elementary School
  • Member of the Southwest Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the DWHS Alumni Foundation and Webster High School Advisory Board
  • Member of the Southwest Tulsa Historical Society
  • Experience with Veteran AffairsDWHS


Jeannie Cue

Tulsa County Commissioner